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Welcome to Seasoned Chef Cooking School,

Cooking for all ages and abilities

Seasoned Chef is a local Cooking School for the Masses, All of our main courses start from just £10pp including every aspect of cooking from basic knife skills and sauces to making Bread and Pasta from scratch. All of our courses are hand on allowing you to create and take home at each course while under the guidance of our award winning chefs.

Click the link below to see fun list of courses we offer, contact us for more details 

Cooking School


Fancy taking part in one of our courses why not use the contact form at the bottom of the page or call us on 01634 405819 to book your spot, Members can login in below to get assess to our archive of recipes and information from past courses.


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Below are some pictures from students that have cooked here so far keep checking back to see your pictures soon…